• Keep Moving | Taiji-Therapie bei Bewegungsstörungen und Parkinson

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Keep Moving | Relaxation tai chi well-being for people with movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease


Relaxation tai chi well-being is a movement program in a monastic atmosphere where rest and relaxation are in the foreground. It is suitable for people with movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease and makes special use of the health benefits of the TaiChi. In addition, there are always highlights such as archery, Qigong and theoretical lectures.

Zwischen Starre und Zittern (Welt-Parkinson-Tag)


Bei Parkinson-Patienten sterben Nervenzellen im Gehirn ab: Sie bewegen sich langsam, gehen gebeugt und ihre Hände zittern. Medikamente helfen, heilen aber nicht. Geforscht wird in vielen Bereichen: Früherkennung, Hirnschrittmacher oder Impfung.

Keep Moving on In a good shape | DW

16 November 2018

Listen to neurologist Dr. Patricia Krause (M.D.) and taiji trainer Mirko Lorenz to learn more about why movement therapy plays an important role in the treatment of Parkinson patients. Which kinds of movement are most helpful?

Fit und Gesund | DW – Parkinson – Expert talk on Parkinson

Introducing Keep Moving – Our New 360-Degree Video (in german)

27 August 2018

Keep Moving is a therapeutic form of taiji which places special emphasis on the healthcare aspects of Taiji (or Tai Chi). Please visit www.taiji-therapie.de for more information. Music by Musikproduktion.de

Keep Moving on ZOOM, the AOK Sports Talks Channel (in german)

11 November 2017

An AOK Sports Talk on movement therapy and Parkinson, recorded at the Tulip in Potsdam. Among the guests Mirko Lorenz of Keep Moving, presenting his concept of taiji therapy. Moderator: Carsten Fuß

Keep Moving on RBB Praxis (in german)

22 February 2017

Mirko Lorenz on the RBB healthcare channel “Praxis” in a feature focusing on research on and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Interview mit Mirko Lorenz beim RBB Inforadio (Medien)

Mirko Lorenz on RBB Inforadio (in german)

28 February 2017

Mirko Lorenz answering questions about taiji therapy and its uses for persons with movement disorders or Parkinson’s disease.

Listen to the interview

TV Potsdam (in german)

16 November 2016

A very good feature by Potsdam TV on our therapeutic taiji training sessions at the Parkinson Clinic Beelitz-Heilstätten.