• Keep Moving | Taiji-Therapie bei Bewegungsstörungen und Parkinson

Training Method

What you learn

Keep Moving is an easy-to-learn system of therapeutic Taiji ( TaiChi ) training adapted to the needs of persons suffering from movement disorders or Parkinson’s disease. Using a high quality customizable training program, it focuses on the healing qualities of Taiji  ( TaiChi ) and the well-being of patients. Keep Moving aims at improving peoples’ agility and balance, reducing stress and heightening concentration. Each training session covers a series of gentle stretching moves, followed by standing and walking exercises and a period of sitting meditation at the end. Some partner exercises are introduced later on in the program, to practice body contact and regain confidence and trust, as well as some more complex exercises based on traditional Taiji moves to improve co-ordination.

How We Teach

Each training session lasts from 45 to 60 minutes. To enable the teacher to concentrate on each participant individually groups should not include more than 15 persons.

At the beginning of each course our training concept will be explained to you in a short introductory talk.

Our training program is suitable both to out-door and in-door venues. However, some care should be taken to insure that there is room enough for all participants to move freely. We recommend wearing loose-fitting clothes and flat-heeled shoes for better contact to the ground and maximum freedom of movement.

Keep Moving | Taiji-Therapie bei Bewegungsstörungen und Parkinson · Trainingsprogramm

Dong (Chinese character signifying movement)

  • Gentle stretching exercises and gymnastics
  • Standing exercise to improve posture and balance
  • Walking exercises for better balance and control
  • Meditation to lighten the mood
  • Partner exercises to practice body contact and regain confidence and trust
  • Fixed sequences of moves to train motor skills and improve concentration