• Keep Moving | Taiji-Therapie bei Bewegungsstörungen und Parkinson

Positive Effects

How Does Taiji ( TaiChi ) Therapy Affect Patients with Movement Disorders or Parkinson?

Our therapeutic training is based on taiji (Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chuan), a traditional Chinese art of moving and healing.

In Taiji  ( TaiChi ) harmony of body and soul is achieved by tranquil and fluid movements, improving health and general well-being. By cooperating with the Parkinson Clinic (Fachklinik für Bewegungsstörungen) at Beelitz-Heilstätten we succeeded in transforming traditional taiji exercises into a system of training adapted to the special needs of Parkinson patients.

The effectiveness and value of taiji training for Parkinson patients have been demonstrated in an number of scientific studies. The training promotes relaxation and improves balance and agility, directional control and motor skills. It also lightens the patients’ mood and enhances general well-being.

Expert Opinion

“Impressive proof of the effectiveness of taiji has been offered in a controlled study published by the renowned New England Journal of Medicine in 2012. Parkinson patients participating in a taiji training program showed marked improvement of mobility and balance. Our daily clinical experience also confirms the positive effects of taiji. These intensive physical exercises help patients to move with greater awareness, thus achieving a higher degree of stability and control. Taiji may also have a positive influence on patients’ moods and brain functions as well as their agility and balance. In view of these positive effects of taiji, the Clinic for Movement Disorders and Parkinson’s Disease Beelitz-Heilstätten in cooperation with Mr Mirko Lorenz has started a taiji training program in 2012. After a period of intensive preliminary work Mr Lorenz is now supervising taiji groups at our clinic on a regular basis. These classes have become a permanent feature of our therapeutic concept.”

Prof. Dr. med. Georg Ebersbach | Chefarzt im Neurologischen Fachkrankenhaus für Bewegungsstörungen und Parkinson in Beelitz-Heilstätten

Professor Dr. med. Georg Ebersbach (M.D.), chief physician at the Parkinson Clinic Beelitz-Heilstätten, Germany

Expert Opinion

“Offering taiji training to Parkinson patients is a good idea.

This Asian technique helps improve balance.

Not only does it promote relaxation, it also trains patients to co-ordinate and control movements. Parkinson patients learn to deal with their deficiencies in a more constructive way and to compensate for their shortcomings. Taiji teaches them greater awareness of their movements.”

Prof Dr. med. Thomas Müller | Chef der Neurologie im St.-Joseph Krankenhaus | Berlin-Weissensee

Prof. Dr. med Thomas Müller (M.D.), chief physician of the Neurological Department of the St. Joseph Krankenhaus at Berlin-Weißensee