• Keep Moving | Taiji-Therapie bei Bewegungsstörungen und Parkinson


Keep Moving

Keep Moving has been specially designed for therapeutic purposes. It may be offered to inpatients at hospitals, but can also be integrated into a clinic’s outpatient program. It is also suitable for free-lance practitioners:

Hospitals | rehabilitation facilities | physical therapists | occupational therapists | taiji teachers

It is suitable for patients with most kinds of neurological and movement disorders:

Parkinson patients | stroke patients | dystonia patients  | ankylosing spondylitis patients

Why Keep Moving Instead of Traditional Taiji?

Taiji is a wonderful martial art which may benefit many patients. However, when teaching taiji at a Parkinson clinic I quickly began to wonder about a number of questions:

– Should I really expect a person suffering from a movement disorder to learn and execute such complex moves?

– Which are the basic principles of Taiji ( TaiChi ) movements, and how can these principles be used to mitigate the motor deficiencies caused by movement disorders?

– How should my training method be modified in order to bridge the gap and make these principles accessible to all participants?

These considerations led me to simplify movements, placing greater emphasis on conveying the principles of taiji and on integrating these principles into everyday movements such as standing – walking – sitting.

Taiji Therapy at Hospitals

I have been cooperating with the Parkinson Clinic (Neurologisches Fachkrankenhaus für Bewegungsstörungen/Parkinson) at Beelitz since the middle of 2013. I’ll be happy to offer regular classes endorsing my unique concept of Taiji ( TaiChi ) therapy at your hospital as well. Or you might wish to enroll in our teacher training program, which will enable you to establish your own schedule of Keep Moving classes.

Please contact me to discuss details:

phone (office) +49 30 53797242
mobile phone +49 176 84789952
email info@taiji-therapy.com