• Keep Moving | Taiji-Therapie bei Bewegungsstörungen und Parkinson


Every Therapy Session Made Me Feel Better

“I first encountered taiji during a therapy session when I was a patient at the Parkinson clinic at Beelitz Heilstätten. I soon noticed that after each session my agility had improved and I felt less discomfort in my shoulders, back and hips.

Based on my own experience I would strongly recommend taiji training not only to Parkinson patients, but to others as well. Mr. Lorenz managed to teach taiji moves to all of us, even those who were no longer young. I am very enthusiastic about this method of training.”

Holger (aged 42)


Surpassing All Expectations

“Since I was diagnosed with Parkinson, I have been an inpatient at the Parkinson clinic at Beelitz more than once. During my last stay one and a half years ago all therapy sessions placed great emphasis on vigorous, powerful and fast movements. This was called BIG Therapy.

This time my schedule showed an entry that did not mean anything to me at the time. Upon asking I was told something about “exercises from the Far East.” So I may not have been downright skeptical, but I certainly was curious when I turned up for my first training session. Everything turned out to be completely different from what I had been doing one and a half years ago. This time our training consisted of slow and tranquil movements. Exercises of this kind may be easy to learn and even commonplace for healthy people, but for us Parkinson patients it is a real challenge to keep your balance and to move slowly, but in a controlled way.

The bottom line is that these exercises surpassed my expectations by far! Combining BIG and Taiji is simply awesome! I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to retain their agility for as long as possible!”

Marian (aged 52)

… Baring your Teeth at the Demon Called Parkinson

“Hi Mr Lorenz,

your training more than anything else helped me bare my teeth at the demon called Parkinson and find the peace of mind I needed.”

Erlo (aged 71)

… He Feels a Lot More Secure while Standing

“Sometimes he still has to hold on to a chair while performing an exercise, Benno Franz says. But generally speaking he feels a lot more secure while standing since he started participating in Mirko Lorenz’s Keep Moving classes.”

Benno (aged 79)

These Taiji Therapy Sessions have greatly enriched my life

“These taiji therapy sessions have greatly enriched my life. The things I found most helpful were the corrections to our posture and the slowing down.”

Kerstin (aged 56)

More testimonials to be added soon …


Positive Effects on
  • sureness of stance and balance
  • stability, strength and posture
  • overall mood and relaxation
  • directional control, co-ordination, motor skills
  • agility and suppleness
  • concentration
  • perfusion